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I have written a few blogs about 802.11ax/Wi-Fi6 and the new 6GHz frequency range, over the past few years. They have been spread around on the various blogs that I have written.

I have now consolidated those blogs, by removing them from other sources, and giving them a new home, on my site 6ewi-fi.com. That site is now the centralized home for all of these blogs and new entries as I write them.

I wanted somewhere where anyone interested in the future of Wi-Fi could go and learn. I intend the blog to be about using 802.11ax/Wi-Fi6 and the new 6GHz frequency range. I may even mention 802.11be/Wi-Fi7!

Well, change of plan. Now that 802.11ax/Wi-Fi6 and 6E is firmly here, time to talk more about 802.11be/WiFi7.

This blog will be about 802.11be/Wi-Fi7.

My intention is to do more than just provide theory. I also intend to show actual, practical steps that can be used to experience and play with these technologies – as they become available.

I also expect this to end up being a log of my journey as I investigate these new technologies.

These new technologies are going to change our Wi-Fi world. There are billions of devices expected to come into the market in this decade. We need these new rules and protocols to keep our Wi-Fi fast and clear!

So read on…
I would suggest you start with “What’s Wi-Fi7?”, and take it from there.

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