Early March 2024

Early March 2024

Wowsa – WLPC was amazing!

So much great content, so many fantastic presentations.

Ruckus and Extreme launched Wi-Fi 7 APs.

We had our Wi-Fi 7 fest as planned, it was well attended.

Netgear and Ubiquiti provided APs. Ubiquiti provided us with a pre-release firmware that supported MLO, that was fun!

Update: we are already planning a Wi-Fi fest for WLPC in Prague, on the Wednesday evening.

I connected to the Netgear AP at 320MHz channel bonding with my Samsung S24 Ultra. I got max speed around 5.7Gbps (2SS)!

Connected to the Ubiquiti and, thanks to a great new tool called Analiti (thanks for the introduction Ben Toner), managed to view my first glimpse of the future: MLO. Now this was pre-release firmware, and it didn’t actually do much, but it did show as MLO!

Even managed to get a quick screenshot with my Sidekick 2:

Troy and his team were experimenting with a modified Dell Alienware laptop – that Darrell brought. Upgraded to Intel BE200. They got 1.4Gbps on iPerf. We think this is an adjusted reading as Windows drivers, at the moment, limit Wi-Fi 7 to 160MHz actual operation, but still cool eh?!

I also upgraded my WLAN PI to Wi-Fi 7 with Intel BE200s, the WLAN PI guys, were selling upgrade kits.

Thanks to some help from Nick Turner, it took seconds…

I now have my WLAN PI upgraded to Wi-Fi 7, and I can take dual Wi-Fi 7 captures from Adrian’s WiFi Explorer 3! (Now available on Windows too, this is the “must have” Wi-Fi tool).

That’s it for this post, going to go and upgrade my Dell laptop with BE200 next week!

Watch this space…

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