June 2024

June 2024

I have been excited to get my Wi-Fi 7 APs and clients up and running to really see what they can do.

I know it’s early, and the APs and the clients are all shiny and new, and algorithms are still in development, but I wanna take my new toys for a drive!

I wanted to see what performance I could get, using my new Wi-Fi 7 system at 320MHz.

Problem is my Mac is 1Gbps ethernet, and so is my switch.

I understand I need to do some upgrades.

I need a switch that does >1Gbps, and an ethernet interface on my Mac that does >1Gbps

My friends at Netgear, sent me a 10Gbps switch to test out and evaluate:

You can buy it here:


Next, I talked to my buddy Jiri Brejcha, and he suggests a 10G ethernet port for my Mac:


I went with this one, and it works like a dream.

You can buy it here:


I connected my Mac via the 10G OWC into my Netgear switch 10G port, and BAM! 10G ethernet! This was surprisingly easy, I plugged it in, and off I went.

I go looking for an iPerf software for my Mac, and I find that iPerfman, in the app store, does iPerf 2 and 3!

I also need something for my S24 and, via the Google Play store, I find that iPerf, also does iPerf 2 and 3. It’s a match made in heaven!

Ok, I plug it all in, set my Wi-Fi 7 AP to 320MHz and double check that it is only working on 320MHz, on one AP, on 6GHz. I disabled all my other Netgear APs with the same SSID name, temporarily. Using Insight software, this was easy!

As I have blogged about before, I connected my S24 to the SSID, and I use my Wi-Fi Analyzer software (on the S24) to check my connection speed. I test, and I am connected at max speed (for 320MHz, 2SS):

I start up my server (running on the Mac), then I start up my client (running on my S24), and oh boy!!!

I get a range of speeds but the average is 2.15Gbps! That is amazing!

This is a screenshot from my MacBook:

This is a screenshot from my S24:

Now, full disclosure: I did repeat the testing a few times, but there was no scientific method or formal testing procedures followed.

I am not announcing official testing for Wi-Fi 7, I am simply saying, “Look, I got 2.15Gbps over iPerf!”

I also did some testing at 160MHz and 80MHz for comparison, and was quiet pleasantly surprised with my throughout.

Both with 802.11be Wi-Fi 7, 2SS, I tested at 160MHz channel bonding and I got 2.8Gbps connection speed, with 1.2Gbps iPerf throughput At 80MHz channel bonding I got 1.4Gbps connection speed, and a very respectable iPerf throughput of 699Mbps. (Again, just a quick test with no formal testing).

Obviously, I need to do some more testing. I am going to continue trying out these combinations throughout the summer.

I am waiting for my MLO hardware to arrive to see if I can stretch these speeds and further!

Subnote: Jiri also recommended a 2.5Gbps ethernet USB port for the Mac, and I bought it. It was reasonably cheap, and I repeated my testing with it, and got similar results.

As an option, this is cheaper than the OWC 10G Thunderbolt device, and it’s a lot easier to connect to 2.5Gbps ports. Most APs have these ports you can directly connect to.

This is the one I bought. You can get it here from Amazon:


Happy testing, and see you next time!