Late March 2024

Late March 2024

Right! I have what I need, let’s go upgrade that Dell. Remember the story of upgrading the Dell: go to November 2021 section.

Dell XPS 15 7590*
(note: the old one, NOT the new one – I bought refurbished, from Dell and saved a few pennies

Anyway, you can buy these today on eBay, for around $500.

Ok, let’s proceed with the upgrade.

Rear screws are unscrewed, adapter needs to be installed:

It’s in!

Little tight fight, I need a break, let’s have a KitKat. (Darnit, I should have tried to get sponsorship!)

Ok, it’s not perfect, it sticks out further than the adapter used to. Let’s try and get the lid back on.

I got the lid back on, sort of…

Yeah, nothing I can do, this adapter will not let me fit the rear lid on correctly.

Well, I got to power it on, and see if it works…

Oh yes!!!

Ok, it’s not elegant, it won’t win me a prize, but I now have Wi-Fi 7 in my office lab for testing.

Note: I thought about this and realized I could file down the top left a little bit, to see if I could get a better fit. I did this, and now it’s better, but still not perfect…

This Laptop stays in the office, on a rack, and is used for demos, so I think it is ok, for now…

Watch this space for more updates!

Update (May 2nd, 2024): I had a few problems getting WiFi Explorer Pro running on my Dell W11. Adrian worked through it with me, and now it is working perfectly.

Here is a link to Intuitibits website to get a demo copy (for 7 days):

Here is a link to the MS Apps Store to get it:

Here it is, running in all its glory:

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